A Look Back at Beginnings

I started playing piano when I was about 5 years old.  I would learn to play melodies and songs I had heard by ear.  When I was 8, my parents took me to see George Winston in concert at Abravanel Hall.  I remember watching him play, watching his hands on the keyboard, and being mesmerized by everything he was doing.  I then learned to play a lot of his songs by ear by listening to his CDs over and over, and a short time later, I started writing my own songs.

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Finding Balance

I am often trying to find balance in my life.  Balance in eating healthy and following a healthy lifestyle.  Balance in my spirituality.  Balance in my relationships and friendships and family.  Balance in my home environment. Balance in love.  Balance in my work and musical career.  Balance.  Balance.  Balance.  So what does that mean, to find balance?  

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Expressive Art And The Artists That Make Valley View Come to Life

People often tell me that my home is like an art gallery.  I love art!  And not just any art… it has to speak to me, move me, touch me — be a form of expressive art.  And when it does speak, I often buy it so I can cherish it every day.  My home is filled with colorful glass art, oil paintings, colorful vases and sculptures, etc.  I’ve always had the philosophy that spending money on travel, food, and art is money worth spending!

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Happy Birthday To ME!!

Guess what?  Today is my birthday.  Yep, one of my favorite days of the year.  And to celebrate, I'm giving YOU a 40% off coupon to use at my store.  I hope you enjoy!!  

Coupon Code: july40   If you're not sure what to buy, here are some of my favorites: The Space Between, Spiritual Awakening, The Life Cycle, Forsaken Irish Rain, The Music Box Angel!

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A Humbling Blog Post

A fellow musician, and fan of mine, wrote a beautiful blog post yesterday, thanking me for the impact I've had on him and his musical journey.  

You can read it on his site HERE.  

I am humbled by his post because I consider myself just another musician who makes music because I love to, and I'm so grateful when people respond to it in such positive ways.  But to know that I've encouraged him to continue following his dream, and provided a reminder to him to not give up... I have to smile knowing that my music, and my career of being a musician, is touching people in ways I cannot imagine.

So to Michael Movestro, I'd like to say Thank You as well... for reminding me that my actions, and my music, makes a difference.  And I am thrilled it made a difference for you.  Never give up.... not on your dreams, not on your goals, not on your hopes.  Push through and make it happen because you never know how you will impact someone else someday.  Pay it forward.  And love every step of the journey.  PS - I think your music is fantastic!  I listened on your site yesterday, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I look forward to hearing more from you.   **Photography by Michele McLaughlin in Cancun  

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Michele McLaughlin: The Meaning of Life and Musical Storytelling...

I was asked, by Nicolae Tanase at Excellence Reporter, what I believe the meaning of life is.  It was published this week online.  Check it out.

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