Where I Listen to Music


I am quite often listening to some sort of music in the background, while I work, or drive around town, or even just chill out.  I absolutely love listening to music I can sing along to, and of course, I adore solo piano music.   

Here are some of my favorite places to listen, and favorite playlists & stations:

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A Life of Music and Travel


My very first public performance was in 2007, even though I’ve been writing music my whole life and releasing albums since 2000.  I never imagined being a touring musician and public performance used to absolutely terrify me.  But, after a few concerts here and there from 2007 to 2010, and then starting my own in-home concert series in 2011, to doing my first official full length tour on the West Coast in 2012, followed by an epic US tour through 27 states in 2013, to touring regularly and almost monthly this last year in 2016… my life as a full time musician has become something entirely different than when I started on this adventure sixteen years ago.   

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My Favorite Salt Lake City Concerts And Venues


Salt Lake City is one of the coolest places for live music. With unique music venues and full summer concert lineups, it seems like there is always a show to see. Check out this list of some of my favorite spots!

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How To Host House Concerts


People are often surprised when I tell them I love to perform in house concerts. Not only do I run my own house concert series in my hometown of Salt Lake City, Utah, but when I am out touring and performing, I love to do house concerts.

They’re my favorite way to perform because it’s more intimate and personal, and I have a much better opportunity to mingle with the audience, hang out with my fans and listeners, and just spend time with everyone. When I perform in larger performance halls, that personal connection is often lacking.  

So how do you host a house concert?  It’s very easy and affordable!  I will use piano concerts as an example, because that’s what I do, but this can apply to all sorts of acoustic music.  


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The Valley View Concert Series

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Audiosyncracy At Sea, My Adventure Playing Solo Piano Music On A Cruise Ship


If you had told me, ten years ago, or even 5 years ago, that I would someday perform solo piano music on a cruise ship, I wouldn’t have believed you.  I never imagined such a thing would ever be something I’d have the opportunity to do.  Yet, last year, when Jamey and Stacey Osborne of Audiosyncracy at Sea, invited me to be their inaugural featured performer aboard the MSC Divina in June 2016, I jumped at the chance.  After many months of planning, promotion, marketing, and preparation, we embarked on a journey to the Caribbean to play music, hang out with friends and fans, and enjoy a week in the sun together.  The experience was more than I had hoped for, and it will forever be one of my favorite memories.  

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A Few of My Favorite Piano Players


People ask me all the time who my influences are, who I love to listen to, who inspires me musically.

If I’m not listening to piano music, or working on my own music, I’m often listening to singer songwriter style music, or alternative rock, or the Top Hits of whatever is popular these days.

My musical influences tend to vary over the years, depending on my own musical tastes, and growth as a pianist.

Back when I was younger, the music of George Winston was my favorite. I would learn to play his songs by ear, and that is largely what taught me to play piano (I’m self taught).

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New Song: "At Home" by Michele McLaughlin ©2016

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Album Review of Top 20 Solo Piano by Kathy Parsons

My first review for Top 20 - Solo Piano has come in, from the fantastic

Kathy Parsons at  Thanks Kathy!!!  

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Michele's Album Release Checklist

I am a solo pianist and I release my my albums about every 12-24 months.  I'm in the process of releasing my sixteenth album, and in all the years I've been doing this, I've learned a few things about what needs to be done to effectively release a solo piano album as an independent musician.  I am the queen of making lists, and over the years I've created a pretty thorough checklist of things I do to release my music.  I have many musician friends who have asked to see my list, and so here I am, posting it on my blog for all the world to see.  Obviously, this is not a master key or secret formula for album releases, but it works for me.  

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