My Favorite Places to Visit

One of my favorite things is traveling to new and exciting places.  I travel quite a bit when I am touring, and I take a vacation or two with my sister every year.  I’ve traveled all over North America and Europe and can’t wait to go see more of the world.  I’ve been to Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, France, Alaska, Cancun, Portugal, Hawaii, Italy, Greece, Mexico, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Saint Maarten, the Caribbean and so many places in the US!!  

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A Look Back at 2016

Wow - what an incredible year this has been!  And I can’t believe how fast it went by.  It seems like not that long ago that 2016 just started, and yet, that was an entire year ago.  I have so much to be grateful for this year… touring adventures, incredible concerts, travel with my sister and friends, a quiet and relaxing summer, working on my album release, and more!  Let’s break this down by month because there was literally something amazing each month this year.  

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