Pandora Featured Me!!

Posted by Michele McLaughlin on December 25, 2017


Super cool story...
I recevie an email, from a guy named Glenn, at Pandora Radio, asking if he can call me.  Sure!  I give him my phone number, and he calls, and he says he works for Pandroa and is writing an article about how well Christmas music does on Pandora during this time of year.  He says he's looking at the top listed holiday artists on Pandora and sees all the familiar names... Michael Buble, Maria Carey, Frank Sinatra, Pentatonix, etc... and then there's this "Michele McLaughlin" and he's not sure who that is or why she's on the top artist list!  So he looks me up... and he's impressed, and he wants to know more about me.  He tells me I'm nearing 1 Billion Spins on Pandora, and he interviews me for a little bit, and we say goodbye.  About a week or so later... this article comes out... and OMG - it's mostly about me!!!!  I have no words.  Literally.  I'm feeling so grateful, and humbled, and excited, and just in awe over this.


Anyway... here's the article.  And I want to say THANKS, to Glenn Peoples, at Pandora Radio, for featuring me.  So very very cool and I am honored.

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 4.53.19 PM.png   

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