Album Review of Life by One World Music Radio

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Christmas Cheer is Almost Here

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Advice from a Solo Piano Entrepreneur


I started releasing albums in 2000, as a way to share music with my friends and family.  At that time, I had no idea this would lead into a full time career.  But here I am, almost seventeen years later, a full time musician who tours regularly, owns my own business, and runs an in-home concert series. I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to make it in this industry as an independent musician and how to be successful at doing so.

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Learn Piano Through Beautiful Solo Piano Music


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Intermediate Piano Music From My Collection


One of the best parts of learning piano is when you get comfortable enough to start tackling slightly harder pieces. It's fun to learn pieces that are just hard enough to be challenging but aren't super time consuming. To help with that search process, I've listed my favorite pieces from past albums that I think fall into this category along with a few Christmas songs for the holiday season. Let me know how it goes!

Looking for easier sheet music? Click here! 

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A Look Back at Beginnings

I started playing piano when I was about 5 years old.  I would learn to play melodies and songs I had heard by ear.  When I was 8, my parents took me to see George Winston in concert at Abravanel Hall.  I remember watching him play, watching his hands on the keyboard, and being mesmerized by everything he was doing.  I then learned to play a lot of his songs by ear by listening to his CDs over and over, and a short time later, I started writing my own songs.

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Finding Balance

I am often trying to find balance in my life.  Balance in eating healthy and following a healthy lifestyle.  Balance in my spirituality.  Balance in my relationships and friendships and family.  Balance in my home environment. Balance in love.  Balance in my work and musical career.  Balance.  Balance.  Balance.  So what does that mean, to find balance?  

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A Life of Music and Travel


My very first public performance was in 2007, even though I’ve been writing music my whole life and releasing albums since 2000.  I never imagined being a touring musician and public performance used to absolutely terrify me.  But, after a few concerts here and there from 2007 to 2010, and then starting my own in-home concert series in 2011, to doing my first official full length tour on the West Coast in 2012, followed by an epic US tour through 27 states in 2013, to touring regularly and almost monthly this last year in 2016… my life as a full time musician has become something entirely different than when I started on this adventure sixteen years ago.   

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My Best-Selling Sheet Music


There's a lot of sheet music in my store, and I figured it'd be nice to know what items have been popular over the past few years! That way you can easily pick a gift or new piece to learn! 

With that in mind, I've gone through my notes and found my most popular sheet music pieces from the past two years. 

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My Favorite Salt Lake City Concerts And Venues


Salt Lake City is one of the coolest places for live music. With unique music venues and full summer concert lineups, it seems like there is always a show to see. Check out this list of some of my favorite spots!

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