Michele McLaughlin: The Meaning of Life and Musical Storytelling...

Posted by Michele McLaughlin on April 23, 2015

I was asked, by Nicolae Tanase at Excellence Reporter, what I believe the meaning of life is.  It was published this week online.  Check it out.

Michele McLaughlin: The Meaning of Life and Musical Storytelling…

Nicolae Tanase: Wha is the meaning of life, Michele?

Michele McLaughlin: For me, the meaning of life is simple. Live fully and truly, every day, and do your best to stay fully present. If you’re fully present, then you’re experiencing the most out of every moment, and it’s the experiences we have, and the things we learn from those experiences that make up the meaning of life. Life is just a series of decisions, each decision leads us down a new path, each path leads us to new decisions. When you are fully present, you are fully aware… awareness becomes joy… joy becomes peace… peace equals love and gratitude. Being able to live life with positivity, joy, peace, happiness, contentment, balance, awareness, mindfulness, gratitude, love… that is the ultimate quest and what humans spend their entire lives trying to achieve. Live in the moment and take the most from each moment. That is the meaning of life…

~Michele McLaughlin, Award Winning Contemporary Solo Pianist & Composer.
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