Featured Article about Michele McLaughlin and Undercurrent by Mark Weber

Posted by Michele McLaughlin on April 28, 2015

A big thanks to Mark Weber of the Mark Weber Music Blog for featuring me on his blog this morning.  


Pianist Michele McLaughlin learned to play the piano through her own experimentation. After seeing and hearing George Winston in concert at the age of 8, McLaughlin fell in love with dreamy, spacious piano playing. Later on in life her mom encouraged her to share her talent– and today McLaughlin has released more than a dozen albums. Great creativity can come from heartbreak, and pianist Michele McLaughlin masterfully uses her playing for expression. “It’s my therapy; time with the piano and composing or writing music is how I get my stress, sadness, and joy out.” Of all the emotions that she channels so effortlessly into music, the melancholy of life has been a draw for her loyal fans, who are eager to have someone express audibly what they have felt internally. “The sad music is my favorite kind of music,” she says. “I write a lot of happy songs and waltz-y songs in ¾ time, but my fans and I are of like mind– the favorite pieces are the sad and dark ones. They share with me how the music has helped them through challenging times.” Her latest release is called 
Undercurrent and it “reflects the feeling of joy and sadness that come with making changes in life and how you shouldn’t judge anyone by the face they put on in public.” Hear beautiful piano pop music from 
Undercurrent, available at the website for pianist Michele McLaughlin here. Fans of “solo piano” will be enchanted by her sounds!

–Mark Weber Music Blog


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