Audiosyncracy At Sea, My Adventure Playing Solo Piano Music On A Cruise Ship

Posted by Michele McLaughlin on July 11, 2016


If you had told me, ten years ago, or even 5 years ago, that I would someday perform solo piano music on a cruise ship, I wouldn’t have believed you.  I never imagined such a thing would ever be something I’d have the opportunity to do.  Yet, last year, when Jamey and Stacey Osborne of Audiosyncracy at Sea, invited me to be their inaugural featured performer aboard the MSC Divina in June 2016, I jumped at the chance.  After many months of planning, promotion, marketing, and preparation, we embarked on a journey to the Caribbean to play music, hang out with friends and fans, and enjoy a week in the sun together.  The experience was more than I had hoped for, and it will forever be one of my favorite memories.  

 We flew into Miami on Friday, June 3rd, and spent the evening hanging with everyone who arrived that night.  A delicious sushi dinner, drinks in the lounge and lots of laughing and fun.  It was a great start to the adventure.    


We set sail from Miami on Saturday, June 4th, but before we did, we attended my friends, Ute & Greg, wedding ceremony on the ship.  It was beautiful and a lot of fun.  What better way to celebrate such a wonderful event than on a cruise ship among lots of friends and family.   



Our first stop was Nassau in the Bahamas, and we spent the day exploring the beautiful city, the famous Atlantis Resort, and then played in the warm, crystal blue waters on white sand beaches.  

Back on the ship, I performed my first concert.  This was a private concert for the guests who attended as part of our group.  There were about 40 people, and I played a solo concert of about 18 songs.  We had a photo shoot afterward to commemorate the event.  


Our second stop was Philipsburg, Saint Maarten.  We took a taxi to the French side of the island and spent the day playing on the beach.  Later we enjoyed a delicious seafood dinner while watching one of the most incredible sunsets I’ve ever seen.  


Our next two days were at sea and I performed two public concert.  We had about 60-80 people in attendance at each show and I played a completely different sets of about 18 songs for each show.  I made some new friends, and fans, at these concerts and it was really fun to see people on the cruise ship as I was walking around.  People would yell “Michele!!  We love your music!!”.  I loved it! 


Our next stop was in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  We took a tour to see both the old town, and the new town, some incredible graffiti art, the Bacardi Factory, and then spent the rest of the day playing in the ocean.  Such a beautiful place!!

My last concert was on the final sea day, and this concert also had about 75-80 people.  Jamey and Stacey had some really great framed photos made for everyone of the photo shoot on the first day, and it was a great end to a fantastic musical cruising experience.  



I am so grateful for this experience, and thankful to Jamey and Stacey for inviting me to be a part of this opportunity.  It was so much more than I had expected and I am forever touched.  The next cruise is in June 2017 and the featured performers are Elijah Bossenbroek and Matteo Palmer.  I am planning on attending as well, as an audience member!!  Looking forward to it!     


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